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Head office:
Address: Miiduranna, Viimsi parich, Harju district, Estonia
Postal address: Haabneeme sjsk., 74001 Harju district,  Estonia
Phone: (+372) 6 054 314
Fax: (+372) 6 054 316
E-mail: kapten@miidurannasadam.ee


Port of Miiduranna is located on the coast of the Tallinn Bay.
Geographical co-ordinates: 59°30,0’N, 24°49.0’E.

Port operator:
May by called round the clock on the VHF channel 10, call sign “MIIDURANNA”.
The vessels entering or leaving the port must obtain a permission to do so from the port operator.

The port area comprises two basins: northern and southernbasin. Number of quays: 10. Total length of the quays are 878 m, depths 2,5-13 m.
In the port may be berthed ships with dimensions up to:
tankers – length 195 m, breadth 32 m and depth 12,3 m.
dry cargo vessels – length 110 m, breadth 20 m and depth 5,6 m.

Navigation markings:
At the end of the ports Southern basin pier there is a light no 235,white metal column with balcony Q W/R 4/3M, W 320°-77°, 
R 77°- 320°. 
At the end of the wave breaker pier there is a light no 237, red metal column Fl W 3s 3M.
Two red colored light buoys have been placed on the left side of the oil quay canal, Fl R 3s no 1-236, no 2 - 240.

Leading line:

224°,3 - 44°,3, a front light beacon, white rectangle with black stripe on the port building Fl(2)Bu 3s 2M,no 233. rear light beacon, white rectangle with black stripe on the port building, Oc Bu 5s 2M no 234.

Characterization of the sea-bed:

sand, gravel, clay

Vessel Traffic Services:  
Every vessel entering the Tallinn Bay mast take contact with coast radar station of Vessel Traffic Services Centre on the VHF channels 13, call sign “TALLINN TRAFFIC CONTROL”.

In the regulations for maritime traffic and pilotage in Estonian waters are stated that masters of sea-going vessels are obliged to use the services of a pilot for entering and leaving the port. Pilot assistance is available round the clock. The request for a pilot should be made via agencies not later than 4 hours prior to arrival pilot station.


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